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Wimpier Than I Thought

So, my life is full of stress, just the way some people are full of fat. Believe you me, the amount of stress I have these days is more than the guy saying “mutual-funds-are-subject-to-market-risk, please-read-the-offer-document-carefully-before-investing” in one breath has.

I have had enough! And now I am tired. I feel sleepy. And dead! My head hurts. I miss me – the weird and random me. Why is being inspired so tough?! I don’t know how fiction bloggers manage. Or the poet type! Limitless creativity, hain?

Pata nahi aajkal sabne kya Beauty Beauty laga rakha hai!

Beauty! That is what it is all about. They say “Beauty is inside!” I searched my wardrobe, refrigerator and shoe rack, phone gallery, Lays’ packet, but couldn’t find any. Guess they need to be more specific as to inside what can I find beauty.

Sometimes, when I am having a serious and meaningful conversation with people, I imagine myself saying...chal na, bore na karr, all of a sudden. Their expressions would be priceless! But then, I wouldn’t do that. You know how compassionate human being I am, right?

And whenever I am holding a knife or a pair of scissors, I talk to myself. I can take dozens of lives and kill n number of nincompoops with these deadly weapons. But I choose to use it wisely. Their lives depend on me! Hah! Bow down to me, you.  I have the power.

Sometimes, I wonder if any of the guys who sit next to me on the metro train is a serial killer. I squint my eyes to look for more serial killers. I think I always manage to find a few. I imagine unveiling them, and becoming a hero.

And…yes if you now want to call me strange, issokay! But let me tell you one more thing…I don’t like Ferrero Rocher. I have no clue why everyone likes it. To me, it tastes like a ball of paper bathed in chocolate.


Well, I am a wimpy kid. Sigh.


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