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Take a deep breath, and die

So it’s almost 2015! And everything is just the same. From sane people to morons, everything!
I don’t know when these people with sick mind will end their lives. I hope they curl up in a corner, and die, soon!

Is this vedic age or something?! Do some cool Tapasya, pray! No matter how big an asshole you are…God would be like, I dunno know mayn, take this money.

Just because you won’t be able to handle the brains. And your immortality? Others won’t be able to handle that.

Recently encountered one such douche who thinks educating girls is a waste. Why? Well, their religion, caste doesn’t find it nice, family doesn’t allow, and what not. Standing up against his family would fetch him thrashes from chachas and mamas.

He proudly said…

Hamari family mein 10th class tak hi ladkiyon ko padhaate hain. Meri behan meri wajah se 12th class tak padhi. Hum higher caste ke hain na!

(Girls in our family are not allowed to study after tenth standard, though my sister studied till twelfth because of me. Because we are from the upper caste.)

While another person, from the same religion and caste, sitting beside informed that his sister was pursuing PhD.

Not educating girls on the name of religion, caste? What is it if not proving yourself a Certified First Class douchebag? Feeding your egos! You are so vain.

What I fear the most is, this nonsense of girls-should-remain-inside-the-house-and-study-less would be passed on from generation to generation. Because chachas and mamas belong to the douche category, and won’t let the women study.

Isn’t it like breaking the wings, making them handicap by not empowering, by not educating them, by not supporting them. Ultimately, these girls unwillingly surrender to the fattening egos and inflating fancies of their families.

This doesn’t end here.

Those women are made to marry men about 15-20 years elder to them, or even more!
No! I don’t find marrying someone older than you wrong, but the fact that this union is against the will of those girls.

When you haven’t empowered them enough to decide for themselves, or stand up for their rights, or against what is wrong…they are left with no option but to act as a puppet of your hands.

And this will continue…till someone is born bold enough to challenge the wrong, support the right and not fear the thwaps from chachas and mamas. Sigh.

Happy for every girl who is independent, empowered, educated and not born in a family like his!

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