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Triple III Syndrome

Some people specialise in being Illogical and Impatient and Idioto. Triple III syndrome it is.
The victims of this disorder deserve the thunderbolt attack from Pikachu.


You are somewhere outside, wearing a watch, which is very much visible. These idiotos will come near you, point at their wrist and ask you “what’s the time?” even if they have said it loud enough for you to hear. Sign language, they feel, is necessary, in case you haven’t heard them asking time.

I just hope, such people never ask me where the toilet is.

You are at the doctor’s clinic, at rush hour.  Every patient gets a number, according to which they are called inside the cabin. Right? These sufferers of Triple III syndrome will stand outside the cabin and peep inside, whenever the door opens. They are of this opinion that peeping inside the doctor’s cabin every two minutes will magically cure the patient, and their turn will come early.

Or who knows, they want to go home and pee. Thus, the hurry!

Encountered a Triple III syndrome peedit a few days back on the crowded metro station.

Man to his Wife: Haan tune bathroom jaana tha? Ye raha bathroom!
Wife: *ignoring him*
: Arrey, yeh raha bathroom. Itni derr se keh rahi thi bathroom jaana hai, bathroom jaana hai. Ab jaa!
Wife: *scooted towards platform*

I didn’t wait to see if she jumped in front of the metro, or pushed her husband, who ran after her to tell her that bathroom was not in that direction in which she was going.

If you happen to meet such people, stop and touch their feet, since they have been strong enough to escape the mental evolution of nature.

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