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Being Human

How convenient! It really is to lecture others about ‘Being Human’.
How fancy! It really is to sport Being Human T-shirts.

While in reality, none of us care an ounce if the person in front of us needs our help. All we care about is not landing ourselves in trouble and of course our salaries, which shouldn’t be deducted.

But then, something happened that made me realize that humanity isn’t a lost emotion. It is still there. Lesser than the least. Almost negligible. But at least there! A handful of good people undoubtedly exist. And I am glad they do.

The rest of us, are we really humans? Would you help a person even if you are running late?

It is pretty convenient for us to console ourselves with “koi aur help kar dega”. Well, honestly, I wouldn’t have helped either, until a few days ago. But then, this man I met changed the way I think. Though, it might not be anything big for you, but pretty big for me. He restored my faith in humanity.

That day, I fainted in the metro stuffed with passengers, scooting towards their destinations, schools, colleges. While everyone was busy being busy, no one really noticed me! Or maybe they did, and were too indifferent. I don’t blame them, guess I would have reacted in the same manner.

He did.

Some time back, when I hadn’t really planned to entertain the fellow commuters with my behosh-ho-jao stunt, I heard him talking on the phone. He had to reach somewhere in another 10 minutes, and that he knew he was late and shall reach the place asap.

Yep! That’s when my head decided to ride the marry-go-round. What happened next made be believe, sometimes, people who don’t wear Being Human tees are also Human!

So, after enquiring that that’s the station where I need to deboard, he got down with me. Since I was all dizzy, I didn’t realize this. However, despite running rate, which he was, he ran to get a bottle of water for me. While I sat with my roller coaster head, unaware of the kindness; he was waiting for me to be fine. Only after my head decided to stop being woozy, and I assured him that I was fine, that he left.

Such Kindness, hard to digest, but it does exist.

The fact that he had to reach somewhere asap, the fact that he stood in a long queue to get a water bottle, the fact that he waited till I was fine, the fact that he was a complete stranger…who helped me, when I needed it the most, made be believe in humanity.

Lesson Learnt: If you are powerful enough to ruin anybody’s life, be thoughtful of not doing so. And if you are capable enough to help anybody, never refrain from doing so!

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