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Gareebon Ki Alia Bhatt

She is very funny. Dumb and funny! She doesn’t realize what she says is funny, but leaves all of us in fun-zone.  She is Gareebon-ki-Alia-Bhatt.

*while watching Mahabharata*
Ghatotkach, this character is a cartoon serial, yeh Mahabharata mein kahan se aaya?


*while watching news on BRICS*
She: Is this a new company?
N: no no, *explains BRICS*
She: Toh K se kya hota hai?


He: What are your hobbies?
She: Lawn Tennis
He: When do you play? What time? How do you manage it with job?
She: I played for 3 days
He: How is that a hobby then?
She: Bolne mein cool lagta hai na


*at the time of voting*
N: AAP ko vote dein?
She: Apne aap ko vote de sakte hain?


N: Who’s the current President of India?
She: Abdul Khan

(Please Note: Abdul Khan, and Not Kalam. Not only the name was wrong, but also a wrong name)


*in a job interview*
Interviewer: What kind of job are you looking for?
She: Where I don’t have to do much work. Bass baithe baithe thoda kaam kar lungi.

(Rejected for obvious reasons)


Lekin achi baat yeh hui ke aaj tak koi zakhmi nahi hua!

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