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Maths, Waths and all that!

Mathematics! A word that sends shivers down my spine. I’m so weak in maths that, had I been on glucose and energy drinks for weeks, for gaining energy in maths, I would still have died.

I’m mainly bad at everything under the sun, but I’m very bad at Maths.

I could never really understand the importance of studying maths. And so, I could never understand maths. Once, in IX standard, in my maths exam, was asked to prove that in a triangle Angle A + B + C = 180 degrees. For 12 Marks.

No, No, No! Don’t doubt my smartness. I’m very smart. A Rockstar. That I thought of it a piece of cake. Hah! So smoothly 12 marks will be in my pocket. Now that’s how I answered:

I assumed two things

  1. Triangle is an equilateral one
  2. Angle A = 60 Degrees

And the question was done.

Since it was an equilateral triangle Angle A = Angle B = Angle C
Just because Angle A was 60 Degrees, it would have been 60 + 60 + 60 Degrees, which is 180 Degree.

Bass, ab kya tha

LHS = RHS and Hence Proved ho gaya

See, I solved the 12 mark question with such ease.

Pretty obvious, I got a Zero. Imagine, such cruelty. Despite having written LHS = RHS and Hence Proved at the end.

Chalo vo chhoro

No matter how much I suck at Maths, I know that if

1 litre bottle of any cold drink costs Rs 50, 2 litre will cost Rs. 100. But then, Coke walon ke concepts are more unclear than mine.

Their 1 litre bottle is Rs. 50, and 2 litre wali is Rs 80. Isn’t it incorrect maths?

And people call me a Rahul Gandhi when it comes to Maths.

Kuch aata bhi hai?


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