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Trainload of anecdotes

Cute and Funny things keep happening around us. However, we are so busy with all the unimportant thoughts of useless people, or important thoughts of useless people, such as Rahul Gandhi ki shaadi and Ram Kapoor ka weight, that these funny instances go unnoticed, mostly.

Also, there are many people who have everything under control! Who have never heard of something called ‘fun’! Their end is near.

Since I have sharp eyes and superb memory, I noticed some of the funny things, and registered them in my intelligent brain. Yeah!

Height hi ho gayi

I have a pretty tall friend, about 5’10”. Happened once that while waiting for the train at the metro station, a group of boys stared at her and one of them, trying to be funny asked one of his friends, “Bhai, Giraffe dekha hai kabhi?”  Laughing fit hit them.

It made me wonder, isn’t height like bad grades? You can’t hide it from people. Hate when people make fun about it and laugh on it with drunk friends.


Not considered

About a year ago, I got a call from one of the swankiest hotels of Delhi. For a job interview!
Excited, I shared my profile with the recruiter of the hotel. After almost liking the profile, she scheduled me for the face-to-face round.

I was on my toes, and started gathering the stuff she had asked me to get for the interview. I was happy.
Within 10 minutes I got a call from her again. What it is going to be about, I wondered.

She: Hi! I wanted to clarify a thing before we meet you in person.
Me: Sure.
She: If you don’t mind, can you tell me what your height is?
Me: Well, that’s 5’1”. Any problem?
She: Oh.

The way she said ‘Oh’ made me feel bad! As if I’m suffering from an incurable disease, and chances of me surviving a second more than 24 hours are zero.

I understood, meri excitement ko meri hi nazar lag gayi.

Smart she, guessing my query, she added, “Actually we are looking for taller people for the position. Taller as in 5’7” or 5’8”. We won’t be able to consider you.”

I, It’s Okay-ed her, and laughed at myself. Just because 5’3” is my dream height.


No less than Bhindi

Asked someone who recently got married:

“Ho gayi shaadi? Congrats!”
“Haan, achi mil gayi.”

Bhai, bhindi leke aaye ho ya biwi? -_-


Never mess up with office boy

Just because office boy never watered Pinto & friends, I did it, daily. I loved when Pinto and friends looked happy.

And then one day, this office boy came up to me and asked (in an authoritative tone)

“Haan madam, sabhi plants ko theek se paani de diya hai na?”

I couldn’t reply, even though he made me feel as if cleaning workstations and watering plants was my job which I wasn’t doing properly.

Just because, you can afford to be loud with your boss, but cannot pull off that stunt with the office boy; office mein jeena mushkil ho jata hai.


You don’t have to run around with a dupatta in sarson ke khet to notice cute cute things and weird people. They are everywhere.

So, open your eyes, shake your head and sing SAAWAN MEIN LAGG GAYI AAG, DIL MERA HAAYE.

What? I don’t make sense?

BTW Have you noticed Mulayam Singh Yadav has a cute first name?

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  1. preetilata

    Hahaha…. who better could relate with the hight-hi-ho-gai thingy other than me!!!!

    But that office boy case was classicly. Lol. Now don’t hunt me down in order to kill me. 😛

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