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Go Gymming…Oh No!

Once upon a time I decided…

(Just because every great story must begin with ‘Once upon a time’)

So, Once upon a time I decided to go gymming. No, not because I’m over weight. But because I wanted to be fit! I had no intentions to lose weight.

Trust me those 6 days were the worst days of my life. Getting up at 5:30 in the morning doesn’t make any sense to me. And that too without a reason.
Even then, I tried. 6 days. That means, 6 hours…

I had to call it quits. There were several reasons behind quitting.

One being, getting up at 5:30 was super tough for me. I’ll tell you the other two also. But before that, you got to promise me you won’t laugh. Promise? Yes? Okay.

So, I was new to this gym thing. The instructor asked me to do the pulley. While I was trying hard to pull the strings, a kind good looking guy saw me struggling, and came up to me.

Who knew embarrassment was waiting for me with open arms.

He asked, “Weight kamm karna hai kya?” To which I blurted out, “nahi nahi, mera weight toh ekdum okay hai, kamm nahi karna.

It took me about 5 seconds to realise why the people around me went rolling on the floor laughing. The kind guy was talking of reducing the weights of the equipment.

I somehow digested the fact that I have made a fool out of myself yet again (Yes, there are many incidents, Read & Laugh) and ignored them. All of them.

I took a gym day off the next day, only to give people some time to forget my goof up. And forget me. Forget my face. However, there was no chance I could forget the scene I had unintentionally created. Sigh.

It was almost 2 days since my errr…silliness. I headed into the gym with utmost confidence. Did as my instructor said, paying no attention to grinning and giggling people remembering my hopelessness.

But who knew I was again falling a prey at the hands of gym equipment. My instructor suspended me to the hanging rod. “Arrey, height badhaani hai ya nahi?,” he asked. I nodded in affirmation, trying my best to hold in there. I held myself up there for full 10 seconds after which I lost control and fell over the instructor.

Was it my fault? Nope. It was instructor’s fault. Why did he stand in front when he knew I’m such a loser?

Well, I guess he wasn’t a quick learner. He hanged me again. And this time I stuck there for complete 12 seconds before falling on him.

It was enough for me. I observed people became more regular to gym. Only because they got to laugh at me and my mistakes almost each day.

It was then I decided to correct my mistake of joining a gym. Sympathising myself with “gym toh mote log jaate hain.” Having said “I quit” in my mind 100 times, remembering the chuckles of those fatsos or fitsos or whatever…I made up my mind of never going to gym again.

And then…I slept happily ever after…till 8 am.



9 thoughts on “Go Gymming…Oh No!

  1. Pankaj Sharma

    Well I thought you are one of those who never quits, but happy to know that quitting is also, sometime, works for you. 🙂

  2. Soumi Datta

    Haha, loved this. If you head over to my blog and check out the ‘laughs’ section there should be few similar funny stories there 🙂 I started it new and was not sure if it is just me or there are others out there who like to read such posts 😀

    1. randomrings Post author

      I did check out 🙂 Embarrassing situations are fun. For people around. Goof-ups and bloopers are an inseparable part of my life.
      Thanks for visiting & loving it <3. Hoping to see you around more often. 🙂

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