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And the Metro Ride Continues…

A few days back, I wrote about, how metro rides can be annoying and fun, at the same time.

Leo Negi wrote back to me in comments, and enlightened me on some more categories. Absolutely Amazing!

Bhaiyon aur Behnon…I had to share this metro gyaan…Apne pass rakh ke bhi kya karti. 😉

Here’s what he wrote:


Being an erstwhile Delhi metro commuter, there are a few more adventure inducers that I am feeling compelled to share after reading this hilarious article:-

1. Philosopher type: Quite like me, looking into people, judging them and producing lengthy discourses on human behavior in their minds only to be obliterated by a sudden entry of an attractive person, in my case, a cute girl.

2. Love Seekers: Again like me, always hoping to bump into a cute girl and expecting god to throw some totally filmy sequence, such as metro stopping at middle of nowhere, metro getting blown by a random bomber, metro washed up a tsunami (quite outrageous to happen in Delhi) and many other ways so that I can save that particular girl and as far as rest of commuters are concerned, well they can simply die, just to make situation more tense.

3. Fashion seekers: Hmmm, that are good shoes, I am going to buy them. Hmmm that blazer, I am going to buy this month. Fashion TV you are not required anymore!

4. Lovers: Hugging, caressing, touching, kissing, smiling etc. Yes, yes go ahead, we are not even here, totally made in hell couples!

5. Heartbroken: These are the ones sobbing, texting desperately, pleading, shouting, the typically after Dating phase patients.

6. Gangs: A gang of boys looking out for a prey to fry on their ego plates. A gang of girls looking out for attention in their skimpy clothes and yes they get it….a lot.

7. Movie Bluffs: Again I fall in this category. You can overhear them discussing about movies, their scripts, actors, scenes and every ABC of Films. They never run out of Filmy Gyan. An honorable mention – my critic friend Mohit Behl (blogs at: http://madcapmario.wordpress.com/).

8. Sociopaths: I used to look out for them and yes they are there.

And here I can write dozens more types but I guess this much intruding should be enough from a total stranger. Enjoy Delhi metro, coz when you are not doing it, you will miss it. I miss it a lot.

These days, I take Mumbai Locals and here we say only one thing-totally Spartan Style

This is Mumbai Locaaaaaalllllllllllll!!!!!!!



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