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My Pinto Grew Teeth!

My grandfather often shows me his plants, proudly, the ones he nurtures, waters and brings them up like babies. I see, I appreciate…sincerely ‘wow’ at the beauty of plants.

But I never could understand his feelings, the feelings he has while displaying his prized possessions. Until today. 🙂

It so happened…

A plant was placed on the shelf above my workstation at office. For days, it wasn’t watered. It remained without sunlight, fresh air.

Pinto (I christened the plant) dried up. I felt sad for Pinto and his friends. All of them were dying. No one cared. All my colleagues cared about was feeding themselves, but not once did they think about Pinto and his friends.

But me, thought of it as my responsibility to help reduce global warming. I decided to do my bit by watering my tiny little neighbours. I watered the almost parched Pinto and friends for a week.

And today…

My happiness knew no bounds when I saw two new fresh green leaves on the dried up Pinto. Like a petite tooth of a toddler.


I now truly understand how my grandfather feels; when after investing a few hours of his day looking after his plants…he sees a new bud. I too know the happiness that only he felt while showing me his Pintos.

Satisfaction. Happiness. 😀

5 thoughts on “My Pinto Grew Teeth!

  1. preetilata

    Party de bey rids… afterall Pinto ke daant nikle hai.

    Very cute post.

    P.S: looks that we both have the habit to give cute names to things (both living and non-living). Hi5 🙂

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