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So Am I…

Having read ‘Frankly Spooking’: an anthology of spooky tales, this one’s an attempt at writing something spooky, a bit of which is inspired by a true event.


He came back home, sweating profusely, on a cold winter night…at loss of words…baffled!
His wife, his daughter, his son asked him what the matter was. Still shivering with fear… he couldn’t say a word.
He couldn’t sleep that night. Nor could his family.

Next afternoon, he picked up courage to share the incident with his family. What was about to come, no one had a clue.

He began…

“Just when I was passing the Hailey Road stretch of Connaught Place, a man asked for lift from me. It was pitch dark, and not a vehicle could be seen. So, I agreed to drop him home.

I interacted with him on the way. Asked about him and what he does.

Soon we were outside his house. My eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing. I was shocked.
He had asked me to pull over outside a burnt house. I enquired if this is the place he had wanted me to stop?

He nodded. Things were beginning to become strange.

Frightened, I questioned, “But this is burnt?
To which he calmly said, “So am I…

Saying this he passed through the closed door.

I froze. I wanted to rush from there, but just couldn’t move. I gathered strength and drove as fast as I could.

That man was Dead! He was a Dead Man!  I mean a spirit…wandering…

Maybe he got burnt along with the house. Maybe his other family members were also there…searching for something. Wandering!”

When he finished, his family was standing horror stuck, gasping, open-mouthed. They hadn’t quite come to terms with the story. Just then, they heard creaking of a door, as if something was making them aware of its presence…


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