Random Rings

Friendship never loses its charm

So many madmen have spent a few days together. A few.

The music that blared from the gigantic speakers seemed faded in front of your booming tones. As if reminding everyone that even they now be used to joys and enjoyment!

You all, with your vibrant colours proffered incalculable depth of fun!

Only to have walked a road, kicking a pebble along, and taking a turn ahead.

Memories lingering of the bygone winters…acquiring the faint aroma.

You all are truly, deeply so much of loveliness.

I might have had a thousand complaints for you. I might have had a million beseeching.

And yet, you are more for my relief. Your quips and dabs are for my entertainment.

Everything fades. Just like that…I’m making an effort to reconnect. ‘Coz Friendship never loses its charm.

Yes! You all are Unforgettably Poisonous.


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