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WRONG…I go wrong

I don’t goof up. Just being human. As they say..to err is human!

1. When someone suddenly asks me my name:

She: Hi, I’m Richa. You?
Me: Eh? Umm..Me?
*thinks**thinks hard to remember her name*
Ridhi, I guess. Well, no..Ridhi it is.

Oh, it’s not now that this happens to me. I have been this way since forever.

2. When in school, a teacher asked me my class:

She: Which class are you from?
Me: 7th standard.

I said this when I was in 9th standard. 😐

3. Someone asked me the date at the bank:

Uncle: Beta, date kya hai aaj?
Me: Uncle, 9 September, 2010.

I said this when the year running was 2012. I got some serious looks.
Just because uncle wrote the wrong date and spoiled his cheque. :/

4. At an interview, interviewer asked me about me:

Interviewer: Tell me something about yourself.
Me: Well, everything’s on my CV. *thinks! Who am I? What do I do?*

No! I wasn’t rejected. 😉

5. During an internship: Once I was craving for a cup of coffee, when suddenly a man wearing black trousers and white shirt crossed my office cubicle.

Me: Kya? Kitni derr se coffee maangi hai? Kab milegi?
He: *tries to say something*
Me: Shhh.. Pata hai mujhe, pantry call kiya tha maine.
He: *tries to say something yet again*
Me: Ab jao, le ke aao coffee.
He: Ma’am, I’m the marketing manager here.
Me: O.o *Oh sheit*

I certainly wasn’t at fault there. He was the one wearing pantry-wali-uniform.

Perhaps my goof-ups don’t share my sense of humour.

Wait, What?

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