Random Rings

Achievement Count = ZERO

Umm, well, yes. I’m 25 now. And another year is ending in a few days.

Achievement Count = ZERO

Still a loser to papa, smart to mummy *coughs*, a couch potato to both! While most of the people of my age whom I know, and who were once “friends” are drawing fancy packages; fat paycheques haven’t found me out. Yet.

Work sucks

No-No, I don’t intend to be like those money minting machines, simply because I can never be. People around me have turned Rockstars, are getting published in papers, are creative, entertaining and famous. Me? I just do a 9-7 job. Office hi mera mandir, kaam hi meri pooja 😛

Poor Me

Everyone I see has their creative juices flowing, and is celeb in his own tiny world.
My creative juices flow in the scrapbooks of my niece. Yes, that’s my level. So low!
After painting apples, flowers and writing letters to Santa…I have that feeling of pride, similar to that of a friend whose music album just released.

Whatta loser! 😐

Despite being the laziest, absolutely good-for-nothing loser of the family, mummy always prepares lunch for me, without fail. I am 25 years old, but papa provides me the pick-n-drop facility and fills me with money. Simply because twenty-ish thousand isn’t fat enough! And since I’m an ill paid, least creative person with no chance of ever getting famous…even a wakeup call to get up and do something amazing won’t help.

Funny, how you get depressed by the littlest of the things that you face in day to day life. But that’s how it is. I’ll manage. I realise, at the end of the day those two hours spent in colouring a duck and decorating the letter to Santa made a little kid happy. And me too!

Kyunki There Are Some Things That Money Can’t Buy.
For Everything Else That You Can’t Buy, Find A Person To Blame!

8 thoughts on “Achievement Count = ZERO

    1. randomrings

      haha! Thanks, but it’s not that bad to be a loser after all. Relatives get me cakes and books because they think I can’t afford them 😛
      Being an under-achiever of the family is a blessing 🙂

          1. Sean Smithson

            I’m sure you wouldn’t be saying that if you read some of my blog posts ha!

            Of course, you could just be playing on my words to you earlier. Which I suspect is the case. Either way, thank you kindly.

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