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Keeping calm, this too shall pass!

They say, “Most people don’t leave bad jobs. They leave bad bosses.”

Well, I couldn’t agree more, considering the recent cyclone that hit my otherwise khushhaal life.


Haan toh, this post is around a highly educated member of human species that has made my life miserable. Resultant I dread going to work. I get up each morning wishing it to be a Sunday.

It’s not that I dislike my work; it’s just that I got to report to a… a Screecher (I know it’s no word. But you know what I mean)! So, the situation is like this…I was thinking of quitting the job because the person who has this working title of my boss is painfully talented at giving me unimaginable stress at work, and after.

Even then I wouldn’t want to kill the bossy boss, haan fracture and/or illness every now and then would make me happy. Yes! I am one of those people who are sick of their bosses. Oh…I have a new boss. I don’t understand what the boss says, even a word. And between boss’s face and mind, I prefer reading neither.

Wondering if God’s justice wala software has some virus!

Screecher knows-it-all and is quick to criticise when something goes wrong, which is usually backed up by the “You can do it” bit with an “I’ll teach you how”. Pure generosity, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, I have n number of instances to share about this bossy thing. But for now, just two!

Instance One:

Boss: Make a note of all the questions I ask you all day. Mail me the questions and their answers at the end of the day. Okay?
Me: O.o

Me (thinking): Yes Ma’am. I so miss this question-answer wala homework since I left school. *teary eyes*

Instance Two:

Boss: Chase me if you want to get a work done.
Me: Certainly.

Me (thinking): Sange-mar-mar ki haaye koi moorat ho tum, badi dilkash, badi khoobsoorat ho tum. I will drag you from your coffee breaks, calls, meetings, smoke breaks and get the work approved. LOL. JK. Life’s good when you aren’t around 😉

Now I have decided to give up constant cribbing. I won’t whinge and complain about work pressure or a ‘bossy’ boss or a low salary. Just noticed that most people, I crib in front of, have zero power to change anything. Except helping me get fired.

Haan hoon mai bonded labour, bandhua mazdoor…but mazdoor, not gulaam!

One fine day, everything will be alright. I will wake up to a Sunday. 😀

P.S.: Any guesses on who’s getting laid off soon?! 😛

8 thoughts on “Keeping calm, this too shall pass!

  1. Avani

    Superbly written, amazing flow! Me (thinking): Yes Ma’am. I so miss this question-answer wala homework since I left school. *teary eyes* haha! your blogs are such a intelligent fun to read on!

    P.s. keep uploading 🙂

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