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Overdose of Embarrassment

It’s been a while I haven’t written a post…whenever this thought occurs, I start observing people, things closely, in order to find something to write about.

Just when I wasn’t looking at things minutely, just when I wasn’t prepared to make fun of myself, something happened. I got to attend a sudden workshop at one of the swankiest hotels of Delhi.

Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, that I either dress super weird or I dress like a 24 year old man who hasn’t gotten out of bed in a month. Trust me, there’s no in between! And to me, that is happiness.

Even on that day, I dressed no different. Wearing Red Tee with a lame quote on it, faded jeans and Floater Sandals, I placed myself comfortably in my office chair. Totally unaware of the fact that I was going to be in an embarrassing situation soon.

Just for the record, “A Content Writer is a Myth”. We are ill-paid unhappy people and cannot sport classy clothes. Thus, the wardrobe disaster!

So, within 15 minutes, there I was, face to face with embarrassment. No, Really! I stepped out of Dilli-ki-shaan, auto-rickshaw outside the hotel. Though, I wanted to take it inside the Hotel’s premises, and make the driver park my three-wheeled vehicle in the hotel’s parking lot. But when I peeped inside, I saw Audis, Mercs and BMWs parked. My auto-rickshaw felt shy. Unfortunately, I had to leave my ride outside.

As I entered, I could see people formally dressed all over the place. And, me? Oh well…I don’t care man. I was in this pretty attire that even the Security people and Gatekeepers looked impeccable if compared to me. I was dressed just out of place.


Men, all decked up in suits and ties. Ladies were no less. Panda-like. You ask me Why?! Because they didn’t know what a light hand on mascara means. I wanted to explain them that they are Humans and Not Panda. Light hand on Mascara won’t offend the PETA supporters.

But then, I controlled myself. Simply because this would have raised questions on me being wrongly dressed for the occasion! I didn’t want that.

I sat inside the workshop hall, silently praying for it to end asap, so that I can rush back to the place where my lousy outfit made no difference to anyone. Where I could roam around bare footed. Oh yes! My workplace.

Somehow it ended. Not because I was praying for it to, but because it was time and it had to.

Even God ignores me.
I get ignored so much, that I have decided to change my name to *terms and conditions*!
But that was one place where I was glad at being ignored.

Shakespeare enlightened us on how all the world’s a stage, and that all the men and women are merely players. And then some wise people were intrigued about who we were pretending to be?

Well, I pretend Not to Care.

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