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Aur bhi Ghamm hain Zamaane mein Mohobbat ke Siwa!


Ghamm 1


Saw a kid begging on the road the other day. Must be 8 or 9 years old, bruised all over… As the light turned red, he went from car to car hoping to get a rupee or two! Tough luck, no one even bothered to look at that tiny grimy kid.

He had the most depressing eyes. Full of sadness. So glum that anyone could actually touch it. Seemed he no longer cared to find a generous soul, who could make his day by giving a rupee. Poor kid never came to me asking for money. Not that I would have given him a coin…

The light turned green while he was in the middle of the road, extending his palms in front of ignorant people. He rushed to the corner of road. Stood there, staring blankly into infinity! Like everybody else, I too pretended as if everything was fine. But, no…it wasn’t fine. Nothing was fine. Don’t know how many such young victims of fate get lost in the black hole of perpetuity, daily.

I often see that kid, on the same traffic signal, begging and waiting for something…but what? That his depressing eyes don’t give that away!

Ghamm 2

Judging and all…

Yes! There exist people who are stuck at the mental age of five and half, but have somehow realized the only purpose of their existence. Thinking what it could be? It is judging people.

For not using the BCC function while mass mailing? No-No! For being on drugs? Not at all. For asking Arnab Goswami to calm down? Nahi re! They become judge, as good as Anu Malik, and review people for dressing up the way those people like.

It is like they have so many ideas to paint on paper, but their painting ends up looking like two mountains, sun, river and a house. Tiny little life, not even strong enough to be used as the password…so many things to do…even then such people find a reason to crib. However, the purpose of existence remains judging people on the basis of what they wear.

You come across such people, you listen to them, google the treatment centres for the disease they are suffering from. But then, you keep the list with yourself. Because you certainly don’t want the way doctors dress, should be made a reason to judge them. (Doctors are no less than Gods for some, you see!) You let them go…suffer, because our religious scriptures say that we are all supposed to go through the torture pre-written in our destiny because of karma etc. All you can do is help them revel in your abundant sympathies for them.

Getting sparkle on the toes and hearts on the feet might make some people happy and look eh, whatever. Some people only! Others like me feel happy…just like that. I either dress super weird or I dress like a 24 year old man that hasn’t gotten out of bed in a month. There’s no in between! And that doesn’t make a difference to who I am as a person. I know I am vain, and I don’t think ‘m wrong if I do things that remind me of me.

But some people will only go around judging and all. They are proud of being so awesome to have received a certificate on being born. What they forget is that, they are so annoying, they’ll receive one for being dead too… tadaa!

What? All of it doesn’t make sense? I know…So do the people who judge others on the way they dress, to me.

Ghamm 3

The Boss is Always Right

Not that he is right…always. But he will tell you that you are wrong and he is right, so many times…that you’ll end up capping your brains, blindly agreeing to him on whatever hay he says, thus, assenting to the rightness of the boss.

A boss is someone who manipulates and gets the work done from you, proving you useless at the same time. But then, he is always right. No wonder I have started feeling confident of my uselessness.

Guess who is getting fired soon? 😛

Enough sorrows for now! Will keep the Ghamms coming…Ghamm 4, 5, 6 and so on!

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