Random Rings

Lessons Learnt

Meetings are the much needed social gatherings.

Like A Boss

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are merely the continuation of Mondays.

Advertisements taught me that Aamir Khan does a lot for malnourished pregnant women of India, and Vidya Balan is efficiently working towards getting toilets made.

If you praise any other detergent powder, Tide will zoom past your shirt and make a super white patch in it, no matter where you are.

Hauz Khas Village isn’t a village.

Mother Teresa is in demand only during the Miss India contests.

You can be good either with words or with people.

Most Facebook and Twitter users have made their accounts only to provide everyone with mausam ki updates… “Weeee…Baarish”

Relatives are interested in your results and job, not you.

Padosi ka baccha, sabse achha.

When you enter your home with an urge to do something different, you would probably end up sitting in front of TV and watching Hindi mein dubbed South Indian movies.

One can sing “Tayeb Ali pyaar ka dushman hay hay…” without clapping.

Hero ke baal kabhi kharab nahi hote.

Life is what happens when you are busy doing the Happy Birthday ritual on Facebook.

Pages, Bridges, Lessons,
turned, burned or learnt …
Only things those matter,
what you remember!!

And I remember only useless things!
Like Roses are Red, I Have a Phone. No one Texts me, Forever Alone. 😛


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learnt

    1. randomrings

      lol..Never self-depreciate yourselves. What are relatives for?
      And my relatives master in embarrassing me by making me count their kids’ achievements in front of my parents. 😛

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