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S.L.E.E.P. as good as F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

“Sleep, the world makes more sense there”, said someone I don’t know.

“Sleep, you need rest”, said my parents one day.

“You need to fix your sleep cycle to normal hours”, said they the other day! I replied saying “excuse me…?”

Yo babeh…I’m up for adoption now!

So all, Welcome to Akhil Bhartiya Disowned Kids Sammelan…We will discuss anything and everything that has got to do with sleep. Okay, almost anything and everything.

Warning: It might happen that somewhere between not-being-offensive and trying-to-sound-smart, I stop making sense.  

Let’s start with something I’m known for. Being offensive! We’ll follow the rules after this one. What’s coming up is nowhere related to sleep. But you have only two options, either read or leave. (Did you notice, I‘m improving at being offensive?)

Yesh, when you hear a gujju say, “Jignes no dikkro states mein gayo”…it doesn’t mean Jignes’s son has gone to States, but it means…Jignes’s son failed in Stats!

Okay now…back to what I had started the post with.

What do you think is neend-hi-udd-gayi-o-phobia? It is the fear of missing a fantastic watching-with-popcorn-and-coke worthy drama on facebook.

Ever travelled in trains, the night journey…where people sleep like they are in their king size beds, unaware of the people around. Relaxed! Like my father says, “neend toh kaanton ki sejh pe bhi aa sakti hai, makhmall ho zaroori toh nahi”. For those who are as blank as Kristen Stewart’s expression, as to what that meant..it means, if you are sleepy, no super power or supernatural power can refrain you from sleeping.

Such people, enjoying their beauty sleep in trains, snoring and obstructing others’ sleep are the most irritating. At times, I felt like waking up these people and pasting the sticker of Enfield Bullet on their forehead. Both make too much noise. People might ignore the noise then, all for the respect they have for Bullet.

Sleep, it’s weird…Hypersomnia or Insomnia! I always wonder, it must have been either of the two cases, else why would anyone name a cricketer as talented as Shikar Dhawan after a Gutkha brand.

But then, things happen! And sometimes they are out of our control. Other times you can make a “WOOOOHOOO! Goa’s Awesome” check-in on Foursquare (at office) and make everyone jealous. (This one also has got nothing to do with sleep. It has got everything to do with me being in office. *goes in the corner and cries*)

And na, some days after 3, I’m so sleepy that I cannot understand a word being said to me in English, although I understand English. Btw, that happens after 3 in the afternoon! 😛

Other days, giving so much respect to IITs and using JEE after them doesn’t sound fair. IIT JEE. Huh?

I guess…I have stopped making sense. I also guess…I should continue with my work. I further more guess…I am hungry and I need a break. I last-guess-for-the-day that I’ll go with hungry and break wala guess!



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