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Goof Up Day

Ever insulted someone? Bad!

Ever got insulted? Worse!

Encountered the feeling similar to meri-toh-duniya-hi-lutt-gayi or may be yeh-dharti-fatt-kyun-nahi-gayi-aur-mai-ismein-sama-kyun-nahi-gayi??

Happens na, when you goof-up, involuntarily, all ‘coz of sheer innocence. Well, okay, Foolishness!

Feels, as if the Lord of Foolishness will himself appear in front of you…and declare you the successor to his Throne! The teary-eyed Gods bestowing their blessings upon you…visibly glad to have a gem of a fool like you.

Hai na, Hai na! I the knows the everythings!

Yeah maynn, seriously…kyunki  I am the champ. A pretty much eligible candidate for the throne.

I usually don’t bother about places or people before gracing them with the classic unheard foolishness. My foolishness, personal wali foolishness.

So, here I’ll share with you the most foolish, actually more-than-most-foolish situation..for you to heartily laugh at me.

Oh someone, won’t you award me with Noble Prize for this brave attempt. Ha! Or may be Legendary Fool Award, kya pata, there’s one award for greatest fool of the year.

Yesh, so…it goes like..

I was once told by this professor to enquire if the projector was available and can be used by us, and yeah, she asked me to check with this Studio Assistant ‘Ambika’.

Responsible Me! I went straight to the studio assistant’s room, found a man sitting there, and without second thought I said something that he wouldn’t have thought of hearing, not early in the morning at least. 😛

I said, “Sir, Ambika ma’am kahan milengi?

He stared at me for a few seconds, digested what I had blurted out, and told me…”Mera hi naam Ambika hai.”

My jaw dropped. I was clearly assuming Ambika to be a female’s name.

I said sorry, literally rushed out of the room. Just because I had forgotten what was I supposed to ask. I stood outside the room, recalling what was that I had to ask, why I was there; and yes! Yaad aaya.

With renewed confidence I again went inside the room. Shit! I once more said what I shouldn’t have. “Ambika ma’am, is the projector available, can we use it? Err..Ambika Sir, I mean.”

CRAP! *Silence*

I silently prayed for it can’t be true. No-No, please! Not again.

All he could say was that he’ll check; come to the lecture room and let us know.

There I was, in my lecture room, within seconds. All excited to tell everybody that there’s a man named Ambika in our university school. Sadly, it was only me who was unaware of this fact. 😐

Then I started off with this tale of confusing name, and tsk-tsking over the matter that parents must not christen their kids with such names. Obviously, vo always ghar pe toh nahi rahenge na, they’ll move to a larger wider society some day. And frankly, chances are they’ll be made fun of, funny name ke wajah se.

I advised all of them not to make such grave mistake. And just when I turned around, you know, laughing out really loud…

Hell, NO! The third time in ten minutes. I can’t do this. I have no right to study in this university. That was my yeh-dharti-fatt-kyun-nahi-gayi-aur-mai-ismein-sama-kyun-nahi-gayi moment.

Male Ambika was standing at the entrance of my lecture room with an expression like…Tushar Kapoor. Yeah right! No expressions at all. I could almost hear his thoughts, “Damn you girl, why don’t you just go and…Whatever, you Retard.”

But all he could manage to say this time was, “Projector, not available right now.”

Me: Foolish! Foolish!

A legitimate candidate for the title!


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