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Too Lazy To Give It A Title

Not that I‘m in a mood to write it, but have got nothing else to do. I have had  juice, coffee, chips, read few pages of my favourite-till-date novel, called up a friend, made random drawings on my official note pad, posted statuses on twitter and facebook, read others’ unnecessary tweets and facebook posts, through with whatsapp chats, thought random stuff like no celebrity deaths from quite a while, and Yes! I have also completed my work for the day.

Dead tired (I’m sure you realise how much tiring my day abhi tak must have been), so bad that even music isn’t helping. Now I want to doze off.

Sachhi, I’m one of those who can rule the world, but I choose to sleep and do that later!

I just mentioned na that I have tried my brain at thinking too…I thought of one very important thing. So important that the parents of most of us are ready with it even before we are born. Often heard, ‘mera beta toh engineer banega engineer’.  And the rest of us are told to start thinking about it since we are 0 years. Vision and Mission of our life!

Still unaware of what exactly do I want to do with my life, I’m struggling to survive each day – earning peanuts, with which I only manage to get my phone recharge done. Money Minded Network Providers, I tell you.

I believe, I‘m not meant to work, but to do enjoyable, interesting things – make fun of others and drink coffee, read and drink coffee, write and drink coffee, sleep, wake up and drink coffee. Sounds fun, no?

I like most things on earth – from books, birthday balloons, to bigger aliens, tiny ghosts; and also boring things boulders & pebbles. My philosophy is very simple – Arrey bhayi, jo hai vo hai, jo nahi hai…uska mekko kya.

But then, I still have no idea what should I be doing in order to become rich.

People around me have become money minting machines, and I just don’t react to their affluence. *Jerks*

After all I’m not a chemical yaar, how can I react to stuff as small as this, when I didn’t react to issues of national importance like getting Chunky Pandey arrested for being an actor, Sunny Deol for ‘Jaal- the trap’, Vivek Oberoi for ‘Home Delivery’, Salman Khan for that lame ‘Revital Ad’; and Dino Morea for that expressionless face.

Vision-less Mission-less life is so tough to live, believe you me.  I live, irrespective, procrastinating all the important tasks. Sometimes I have so much to do that I end up doing nothing! 😀

But I’m a hard worker, you know, those “Been There, Done That” types. And I hope to become a smart worker, you know, those “Been There, Got It Done” types!

Guess I need to get in touch with Nirmal Baba, and find out…Kripa kahan ruki hui hai.

Well, even this post doesn’t make sense, I toh told you that I‘m bad at writing.

Yaar, Bura na maano, LoL hi hai!

laugh lol

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