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Sometimes the best things in life are the appreciations – other times its sleep.

Though I strongly believe, I lack writing skills, I write irrespective – not-so-happening blog posts, plus I work as a writer. Cruel, no?

Yea, so coming to the point, a friend recently came across my oh-so-awesome write ups (Yes! You can laugh! :-|) and appreciated those too. Guess, he had no choice. No one can even think of losing a friend like me. (Yes! You can laugh again or break into happy nagin dance or have a pizza party, suit yourself!)

Poor chap, unaware of the drought in my writing area, asked me to write stories. Doesn’t even know that I wish to have a fantastic imagination more than money.

A little secret, I desire to be rich enough to answer the waiter with “Bottled water” every time they ask me if I would like to have bottled water or regular one. Not to mention the look that I get from them after I reply, the look which says, “oh ho, how unfortunate.”

Now you know how desperate I am to inculcate in me those writing qualities which will help me out from the land of unsophisticated what-I-call-write ups!

[Okay, Don’t wait for me to tell you to laugh every time, you can laugh without waiting for me to say the pleasing words]

So here’s how my story starts, but when you’ll read through, you’ll get to know that it doesn’t even reach its mid, forget about the end. 😛


“Why don’t you get a haircut? You look like a bear”, said his mom.

He sat there indifferent. Staring out of the window, in his thoughts, still trying to make sense of what she said…

*The Day Before*

Rachit went to meet her, all excited. He told her, “I might not be rich, I have no money or villa or cars or companies like my friend Sushant, but I love you”. She looked at him – touched, tears in her eyes. She hugged him like there is no tomorrow and whispered in his ear, “If you love me, introduce me to Sushant.”

Things went pear-shaped for him. She looked at his face and said, “But I adore you.”


He thought of films like The Notebook – which he had seen too many times for a guy, Gone with the Wind and Valentine’s Day. He had somehow developed a feeling that relationships can be heart-warming, enjoyable and tear-jerking. Then he considered his previous relationships and the one that was about to begin, but couldn’t, and says to himself, “shit, I must be a legendary looser”. All the relationships he had been a part of, ended in ‘heartbreak’.

A shriek from his mother brought him back to reality! Distracted, he begins to think of as to why one needs to cut hair. Puzzled, he tries to figure out if hair was supposed to be cut, why we weren’t born without them. Suddenly he shouts out loud, “I say why cut your hair in the first place? A bear’s mom never asks him to cut its hair. And being its lookalike, I can roam around shabbily and sloppily.”


And then I went into the story and politely told him, “Oww Kid, maybe it’s just that these girls can’t handle your extremely good looks and your thoughtfulness, or may be your extensive up-to-the-minute wardrobe.”  Please Excuse, I’m just trying to make him feel better. Okay! “Son, women are too much work, attempting to become the ideal boyfriend and buying them the gifts for every single holiday is passé”.


The story doesn’t make sense? Hai na! Told you. I feel sorry for you. Seriously! But more than that I feel sorry for myself, because I wasted meri-life-ka-keemti-waqt to prove you that I’m terrible at story writing!

Whatever, I guess appreciations are the best things in life, sometimes only, the times these motivate you to write something worthwhile, unlike this one. Other times its sleep. Confident of the latter!

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