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Calling all the Fault Finders!

Are you annoying, supremely irritating, and habitual of criticising people?
Yes? Oh cool. This is the place for you.

Welcome to my very own Club. Arre, membership free hai! Just that there are some rules to it.

You got to criticise a minimum of three things a day. Spend more than four hours a day finding faults in others. Oops! Have people already started avoiding you? But, why? I’m ungetting it! (I know it is incorrect English, just sounded funny)

Well, I guess people find it really difficult to cope with happy folks like us, who are such experts at finding faults. We can give them a complex even when they may have just conquered the world. Yes! No matter what people do to try and be perfect, we can always find something to make them feel worthless. Oh yeah, oh yeah! *dances in Gangnam style*

A question just like that…have you ever rejected a high five? Yes?! Good Job!! Nothing is more insulting for a person than a rejected, ignored high five.

Acha chalo, without further delay I shall start with what I do the best. Criticise!


Ever seen those guys with wallets stuffed with a dozen useless papers and those balloon sized wallets then stuffed in the back pockets of their trousers. How Awkward!

And those who lift stuff from here and there, and produce in front of you as their own. Got to know of a person of late who conveniently lifts whatever I write and with the mere alteration of “ROFL” in the end, she portrays my awesomeness as hers. Ye toh wrong hai bhayi. Chori karna hai toh karo, but Credits toh do!

Also, grand salute to those who refuse to apply plain logic. Like here, a friend once said-

He: Most Painful Goodbyes are the ones that are Never Said and Never Explained!!
Me: lol… Those are not GOOD byes, not even BAD byes…Those are ‘GET LOST’s.

Seriously, was it that tough to comprehend? *rolls eyes* 😛
[Mr. He if you read this, forgive me please, I used it as an example, Only. See, I didn’t even take your name]

Waise, what do you have to say about the ones who do not think before they blabber? Someone once said (Yes, I’ve so many phunny people orbiting around me. Ha! Just Exaggerating!)-

She: I saw it with ‘my own’ eyes.
Me: Oh shit! Really? I usually borrow others’. 😀
She: What?! Comfortability hoti hai?

I couldn’t help but laugh SO hard that I think she lost her Hearibility, Voicibility, Thinkibility to even retain and use those incorrect words that she had thought end in –ility.

I have no clue what was she high on when she said all these things. My sympathies with her Family & Friends. May God Bless Them!

So, I have been there, I’m still there, I’ll remain there…just ‘coz people are more Phunny there. I’ve got to write my blog on something, someone I mean!

Ever seen the way heroes walk away from an explosion, in movies, like they don’t give a damn? That’s how I’ll get out of ‘there’ One Day! (With the background music of Singham, this *Man bhanwar uthe, Tan sihar uthe, Jab khabar uthe, Ke awe…Singham*)

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