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Hey Cupid, Here…I’m Stupid!

Stupid? No, Not me. But most of You.
You think I’m being rude? Tsk Tsk… I have such bad reputation in your eyes!

Intelligent people are the ones always mistaken to be rude and arrogant.
Chalo, never mind. It’s Time. Time to show your ‘Gift wala Love.

gift wala love

Valentine’s Day is here – A day to suffer long waiting in restaurants, and then ending up paying twice the price for everything. The people who celebrate it are unaware of why is it celebrated on this particular day, not that I know it. But then, I don’t celebrate the day either.

I mean, why this particular day to express louve and spend double the amount, when you can make a person happy on other days of the year. Believe you me; other days would be easy on your pocket. Except that it would not fetch you “Awww” with tears in eyes on other days.

No! I’m not the President of Fault Finders Association. Yet. I criticise people, days, etc generally. You know, for Fun!

Yeah, so…people to empathise with on this day are the ones who are the victims of One-Sided-Love. With rose in their hand and head in their folded knees, these unfortunate people try to survive the valentine’s week. When everyone is dipped in the colours like red and pink, these victims of fate struggle to find meaning in their life! Sad na.

Like seen in movies, this syndrome makes them curse their life, What a big tamasha our life is!
“I love Rachit, but Rachit loves Sagar…oh sorry…Kriti, Kriti loves some XYZ” and it goes on. Kya problem hai yaar, Yahan aao sabko thappad lagaoon.

Oh hello, all you sufferers of this ailment… I toh say, this year woo yourself, kyunki someone’s oh-so-intelligent uncle Oscar Wilde said, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

Uncle Wilde was right actually!

What? You too think he was also Forever Alone?? Seriously yaar!
(In case you want to know more about forever alones …Check Here!) 😛

I’m Smart!
Or May be Forever Alone..! Got no one to praise my intelligence, I do it myself.

Acha anyway, I shall now update you with the possible symptoms of this mental disability.

  1. You can’t help but think about the person you have a crush on, who does not feel the same way about you. (Can I please laugh-out-loud once, please?)
  2. You become sad when February arrives, to see people emptying their pockets to buy gifts. (Dear Buffoons, that’s just show off…being braggart, you see! You are lucky to have saved your money. And if you are still sad, write to me, I’ll provide you with my account number. Transfer the money. Duaayein doongi.)
  3. A cocoon of cheerlessness surrounds you, when you see people decked up in reds and pinks. (Ab ismein mai kya kar sakti hun, if you like such colours. Waise, there’s no such rule that only people celebrating V-Day would wear these colours. You too can! Provided you stay at home. Else you’ll feel more depressed na.)

Love, or no Love, it’s just a part of our life’s journey. You have to live it, no matter what. Don’t try to match it up with oxygen. Doesn’t work that way. You can live without it too, Love I mean. Suno, staring at a closed door for too long takes our attention away from all the other doors that are lying open. Samajh rahe ho na? Please grasp all of it, okay fine, little bit of it before I get myself a bed in mental asylum for saying all these wise things.

P.S.: Were you able to see through my attempts to indirectly mention how bright I am? 😉
I know, I know.. I did mention it directly quite a few times. But you were supposed to notice the indirect ones too and praise me!

Please Do. Thank You. Bye.

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