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Reality Check: I can’t write!

I always thought, I was okay at writing…I am mainly bad at everything else!

*Reality Check*

At times I stay up till 4 in the morning, planted firmly in front of my laptop, attempting to create meaningful words and clever sentences out of 26 letters. Failures with every keystroke! Sad, I know!

But the good thing, considering the famine in my writing department and hits on WordPress, is that no one is going to read my stuff anyways! 😉

There was a time, when I imagined myself as a writer-in-the-making, but time made me realise that I was just a foolish impractical person to have thought that. Now ‘m convinced that crafting words to smart sentences is just not my cup of tea. That feeling of a budding Writer was apparently the insomnia! *sigh*

Trust me, with so much time on hand I could be a good writer, but I am always short on words, ideas, annoying story lines. I never have a particular audience in mind, when I write.

Err…I guess I do. Those ghosts out of their havens at night, for fun! And I feed them with their doze of fun…

Wondering How?

Those dead people, unlike the ones without sense of humour, show up about my bedside and watch me untangle the tangled with confidence; and then, immediately losing confidence and Force Quitting the lame thoughts. I can hear them counting the number of my failed attempts and the *tsk tsk* sounds they mockingly make.

To be a great writer, one must be a great reader, ‘m convinced. And unfortunately, ‘m neither of the two…! A reader understands and knows a million ways to say the same thing. A reader comprehends the beauty of writing, appreciates it as an escape.

A writer doesn’t really have to be original…yes! but should have an exceptional sync of mind and hand. Uniqueness in style! Dude, God Bless the BACKSPACE key of my keyboard. The number of times it’s being pressed by me while writing, is insane. Guess, my brain is out of sync with my hand when I write.

Assured treat to the fun-loving ghosts.

I repeatedly lie to myself and say, “I can do better!”

Sometimes, to my amazement…I do. And then I’m like… “Ha! I can write.”

I go to my work place all pepped up, with the instinct of a writer. Continue this ritual everyday and write till my brain says “Yayy” and help me write something worth reading.

Yeah Right...stages of my writing!

Yeah Right…stages of my writing!

Today surely wasn’t that Yayy-day! 🙁

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