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Unforgettably Poisonous!

In the loving memory of 26 Dec, 2009 – 22 Jan, 2010!

What if it was 3 years back…I can still write about it.

Life, for that one month, was what happened in-between the laughs and the lectures.

Lectures?? Well, the ones that were held on the stairs, away from the lecture hall, or the Canteen. Yes, the same canteen that bore the Notice “Canteen Be Used Only to Satisfy the Needs of Your Tummy, Nothing Else.”


What if I was as Shareef as a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh member before I went there. They taught me what fun means. They all brought my poisonous side out.

And then, Unchi imaraton se logon ka makaan ghir gaya, aur hum unke hisse ka suraj bhi kha gaye! 😉

Ah! Our fun quotient increased drastically, declining others’ capacity to study.

How that? Of course I will tell you! At times, the noises we created were loud enough to make everyone’s ears ring. Other times, our whispers were irritating enough to draw the attention of the class towards us. Also, we were brilliant enough to disturb the oh-so-dedicated fellow students by suddenly cracking-up!

Within no time, all six of us transformed into people who had an opinion on everything under the sun, hilarious enough to blow anyone’s mind.

A talented humble bunch jisme Hunar toh bohot hain, lekin Ghamand nahi hai!

Laughing fit, a contagious disease that we all caught..and I’m glad that we still haven’t recovered! ‘Talking Machines’…The title we were awarded with, which we proudly carry till date!

The New Year then was certainly new! With new people, new experience of bunking a session (for me, they all were pros in this field) and the newly heard line for zinda insaanjaane wale ko kaun rok sakta hai.

Commonwealth Games, the most amazing thing that ever happened to me!! The insanely poisonous not-even-one month was exuberant enough to leave a lasting impression…living by the song – tum samay ki rait par, chhorte chalo nishaan.

My poisonous bunch is so much creative to make someone’s funeral fun. But then they don’t do it…glum and solemn affairs shouldn’t be made fun without prior consent, no? Just ‘coz some people’s ghosts have no sense of humor.

To You Five,

Thanks for making me learn the talent with which only a few of us are blessed. The rest of us may acquire the skills in carrying it out with the help of perfect teachers –The art of being unreasonable! For infusing in me the bent to dream of a job as stupid as playing the dead body in CID. Thanks for the most wonderful Jan’10.

Ever So Sincerely,

P.S.: I know I haven’t stated the Bengali Market episodes. But then, some under-the-table things can’t be made public. 😉

Hail, Poisonous People!

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