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Guide to Time Wasting

First post in the New Year: A Useful One

The New Year’s here..!!
And what am I doing? Sitting and Wasting Time, like I did the previous year!!

Yes! That’s the best I can do…Time Waste.
Everyone’s good at something or the other…and Me? I am good at wasting time.
So good, that I can start a tutorial of my own, a little one, though!

It’s your honour to attend my tutorial where ‘m going to explain, how it actually works – “The Art of Time Wasting”

Okay…let’s begin.

What’s time wasting?

Well, to summarize in one line, ‘Time Wasting is an Art.’  An art that makes you happy, more than anything else can.

Who can waste time?

Anyone! Yes, anyone with a little bit of practice can learn to waste time.

If you believe that writing, reading, are useful and beneficial occupations for your brain; you’ll have to focus a lot in order to learn this art.

If you think that writing, vocabulary, insight, interest and imagination are the things that are important for human survival; you should try eating. When you get the urge to do any of these things, pick up a pack of chips and munch away.

Note: Anything educational, informative or anything that requires efforts Can Not be tagged as Wasting Time.

Wasting time requires, a real oh-I’m-bored look on your face, and ability to escape any work that might be useful to mankind.

How can one waste time?

Time is the only thing we cannot see, touch, or hear. For this reason, if you kill time (or waste time) no one will ever know about it. 😉

Alright then, here begins the actual tutorial on how can you waste time.

  • Look around the house. What do you see? Mess, isn’t it? Don’t clean that up, ‘coz house will get dirty again, anyways. So, no point cleaning it up and utilize the time, the precious time which can be easily wasted. Relax instead.
  • Another way to waste time is to stare at anything. Yeah, anything! a wall or a blank computer screen. No one will ever know if you are wasting time or in a deep thought process.
  • Also, if you have heaps of work, don’t think about working. Instead, go for a break. Eat. It is the most delicious way to waste time.
  • Mark a mail to yourself…from your official id to personal id, and check who reaches faster…you or your mail?
  • Delete a file, and then restore it. Repeat till you are convinced and satisfied that you have wasted a lot of time.
  • Apart from these, watching T.V., sleeping, are the known methods to waste time. Or if you are at your workplace, go for a coffee break, a smoke break, loo break, or any break that would waste few minutes.
  • Ha! Now an interesting one…Form a secret detective agency in office to find out who is quitting next. 😀

And if you manage to waste some time, help others by compiling “How to waste your time” list…Just like I did!!

*polite applause* 😛

P.S.- Wish you a very Happy New Year. May you get ample of time to waste this year. May you find out new ways of wasting time. Keep Rocking!

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