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Weird Virtual Word: Neither Bearable, Nor Believable

Woah! I’m a year older since my last post, but not an ounce wiser.

Hey, Hey…don’t expect me to be wise! I did try being wise once, but then it was so unlike me..so I got back to the soberly insane me.. 😛

Yeah, so a lot has happened since my last post, 15 days is a long time, you see. Every second we see people, situations changing and testing your patience – and that change is not due to less caring, but too much complexity.

Similar situations made me a SMS-writer for a friend…who wanted to be morally and politically correct while putting his point of view in front of someone, snapping rather. And I dedicatedly did the task assigned to me for a few months. Yep! Those months included the months of my exams too. I did it, irrespective of anything.

Not because, I didn’t want to study…but ‘coz it was FUN! 😀

Apart from being a part time SMS-writer, ‘m also a helper blogger! I help the enthusiastic new bloggers transform their thoughts into words, put the apt words at the apt places or translate their stuff from some vague language to English…

Not that I’m really good at deciphering or writing, for that matter, but I learn in this not-so-fun process. Then, learning can’t always be fun, no? However, I get the credits for the particular statements, sometimes. 😐

I do this because it helps ME.

Mean? Who Me?? Listen..I don’t get paid for either of the two tasks!

FREE, I am, always for serving the society!! 😉
Waise, there are still many of my friends who think I came free with the shampoo bottle they purchased a year ago, and my services can be availed anytime 😛

I do it, regardless! At times, I wonder, when did I become ethically remarkable to such an extent?

Nevertheless, I forgive them! For that, they may take ages to be as smart as I am… Weird virtual world..it is! 😛


And the Weird virtual life on Facebook-  

The Attention Seekers: Haanji, so what do you think of those people who have nice conversations in the comment column of their pictures, statuses, and where not, on facebook?

Oh! Do they forget that Zuckerberg provided each and every facebook user with the facility of chat window, where they can interact without troubling others with a million notifications? Or do they just want to feel special looking at the number of comments??

To all such people, Yes baby, you deserve an ice cream ‘coz you managed to accumulate over a million comments in your kitty. Congrats! *hugs*

Attention: Your life isn’t that happening, the way you present it on social networking!

The Loners: The other day I read a status of a friend that said, guess what – it said “Hi”, just a Hi was followed by so many ‘likes’ that I had to re-read it in order to make myself believe that it wasn’t about her winning a Nobel Prize.

I wonder how sane must have been this planet, had some people actually been addicted to Drugs and not a social networking site.

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