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Weird World: Bearable yet Unbelievable

I’ve been controlling myself from many days – trying hard to suppress the urge of writing this one. But like you can see, I failed!!

What I feel is (I feel many useless things, this, apparently is one of them) that people find it extremely appeasing to put others in embarrassing situations. Hai na?! They have a notion that it is a hip thing.

Like in our Indian Weddings..

People displaying their dancing skills expect you, who-is-standing-in-the-corner-and-clapping to join them for dance…Very well aware of the fact that you appear like a duck-gone-mad while dancing. Still they will come smiling towards you, hold your hand and drag you to the dance floor!

Suddenly, all eyes are on you…After all, you are the celebrity duck who has stepped on the dance floor for the first time. Each eye glued to you, awaiting your first mad dance step.

…and then, a hard hit from subconscious brings you back to reality and you see yourself standing in the mid of a human circle, created by people who can dance fairly well, in order to bring the spotlight on you. Under the extreme pressure to showcase your talent and give the spectators the sweet fruit of their wait, all you manage to do is – raise your hands, clap three times to the beats of the song playing, and slip aside – An  unexpected gush of heat, coming of don’t-know-where makes your face red.

This is how people challenge your right to be free in a democratic country! *sigh*

No, Shaadi fun doesn’t end here…attend an Indian Shaadi in winters 😉

Ladies…they would prefer chattering their teeth, but shame on them if they hide their designer dresses behind chunky sweaters. They smoothly base themselves around the tandoor to get some warmth and soothe their almost-numb bodies. But you dare not ask them to take a shawl…their sharp stares would dig you deep down the ground – there and then!

Crajjyy, I tell you!

Nevertheless, India is a free country and a weird one, too!

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