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Funny?! Nah, I’m Hilarious

Not everything we say, or we do is meant to be funny. But sometimes, things turn out way too awkward, may be for you and funny for others.

Like this one:

It was once when I was taking an interview, all lively and enthusiastic to have been interviewing candidates; and bossily telling them to wait in the waiting room till I call them for the second round. Now here goes a conversation which was a near death experience for me, though, not literally.

Me (to Receptionist): Hi Neha, please send Mr. Vikas inside.

Receptionist: Ma’am, the candidate is no more.

Me (jumping out of my chair): What?? How?? What happened to him? Who took him to hospital? And yes, how do you know he’s dead??

Receptionist: Dead?! No-No, he said he was getting late, so he left.

Me: Shit!! You scared the hell out of me!

Apparently, it was more or less an error at her end, but makes me laugh when I think of it now.

And this one, an *oh shit* moment for me; and an amusing one for the people around who were laughing at me. I could almost hear them say *this girl is nuts*.

Delhi Metro: Announcement *Next Station Is Chandni Chowk*

Me: *Listening to Song-Chandni Raatein*

Uncle: Which is the next Station??

Me: Uncle, “Chandni Raatein“.

Uncle: O.o

Me: *oh no*

People Around: LoL-ing!

All I could do was face away from them, plug the music back in my ears, and pretend that I don’t care.

Few more, these ones on my height!

It seems that, people love to make fun of vertically challenged people.

What infuriates me the most is when people ask me ‘What’s your height?’ and the moment I say, its 5’1”…the expressions that I get from them are more like *we regret the inconvenience caused to you*.

Not funny, trust me!

People fail to understand my *height* issue is as sensitive for me as *weight* issue is for most girls.

Another embarrassing one, for me. Funny for the people around!

My friends and I, in an idle conversation…

Friend 1 (to Friend 2): When did you move to Delhi?

Friend 2: When I was 8, very young!

Me: 🙂

Friend 3 (to Friend2): And short in Height?

Friend 2: Yes!!

Me: 🙂 *enjoying the conversation*

Friend 1 (to Friend 2): How short?

Friend 2: *pointing towards me*­­­ This Short!

Friend 1, 2, 3: *burst out laughing*

Me: O.o :-/ *I Hate you guys*

Now that I literally dislike two of them, the sound of their chuckle in my head, hurts even more!

This one’s the situation I encountered in my office—during the happy hours, i.e. the lunch break.

Me (taking out veggies from my Fried Rice)

Colleague: What’s up?

Me: Separating rice from veggies.

Colleague: What’s your height?

Me:  O.o *get lost*

Colleague: Jo vegetables nahi khaate na, vo height mein chhote reh jaate hain.

Other Colleagues Around: *laughing fit hits them*

Me:  *gets up, picks up the food, and goes back to my work station* and *cribs*

These were few out of many situations which weren’t meant to be funny, but turned out so…ultimately!

But like I say (actually Habib Bourguiba quoted it­ – but I smoothly take the credit for quoting it, every time) ‘Happy is the Person Who Can Laugh at Himself (Herself in this case)’. 😉

P.S. – Laugh at people only if you can laugh at yourself. It is tough, but I’m doing pretty good at it 😛

And yes! I’m hilarious, because I survived all these situations, most of which were embarrassing enough for me to have jumped off the terrace. I’m hilarious, because I’m sharing it here, for readers to secretly make fun of me.

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