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*Forever Alone*

People feel alone for a lot of reasons, mostly depressing. Broken romance is the primary one.

“When I was in school, I used to think of meeting someone nice, getting married and raising a family. I wasn’t too concerned as I had loads of time and loads of things to do. Not everyone was a friend back then, but one was special. Yes, Hard Luck on that one! I thought I would find someone in college. No such luck there too. Soon I will approach the other side of my third decade, you know the thirty-ish (as many believe, 25 rounds up to 30). I guess I will meet someone eventually; after all there are millions of pretty ladies out there. Right? But then, none like that ONE. Is my fate is to stay Forever Alone?” said he.

I went over the moral dilemma­ after hearing all this. Should I tell?? I thought for a while, and telepathically tried to tell him that he needs to see a shrink ASAP.

I put my inoperative thoughts to rest and decided to make a list of advices for him [my advice service is available free of cost and I generally (read always) give advices even if they are not asked for]. Of course seeing a psychiatrist was on the TOP of the list.

Probably laughing and eating could help. It’s not that he hasn’t been laughing. And Lord knows he has been eating too. (even the treadmill now knows it :P)
So, *crap* this was surely not going to work.

I cogitated rambling inspirational quotes won’t either do the needful, just because I don’t know anyone who has ever been inspired by reading one of those. Do you? Think. I’ll wait.

I thought how about using sleeping pills with or without wine? I mean it makes one sleep tight and apparently makes the person feel, less loner. *Nah! Idea in the dustbin*

And then after thinking a lot, I came up with a few brilliant pieces of suggestions. Here goes the what-all-to-avoid list:

  • Avoid watching movies in theatres. A bad-bad place for people like him. You see couples are there too, all set to make one feel terrible.
  • Avoid watching romantic movies. Watching action, horror and sci-fi is the best thing to do. And you know why 😉
  • Avoid watching T.V. or listening music at low volume. Turn it loud enough to make-you-want-to-puke. Helps in diversion of mind. No! Seriously.

Yet another fantastical advice popped up in my mind.

  • Avoid any ceremony where love is an issue.
    Yes, this is it! *pats her back*
    You see..Anniversaries, Marriages, Valentines Day can only make a depressed person feel worse.

Why anyone else doesn’t notices? Why doesn’t anyone else say something to my Forever Alone friend? Yea Yea, you guessed it right, so that I don’t have to.

Fighting internally with myself and the amazing thoughts I have (hard for anyone else to bear), I tried figuring out how in this disastrous world was he going to present himself as a glamorous, courageous and any other fancy words that end in –ous, human being.

Not everyone is Alone, some are Forever Alone. But then everybody needs somebody sometimes. Whoa…When did I become so morally awesome?  I wonder. ;)­­

P.S. – It is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to living or dead is purely coincidental.

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