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Dear Treadmill Treadie,

It’s been really long that we have met. I know you feel terrible about this relationship but I can’t help it. I don’t in fact like the way you keep staring me from the corner of my room. That is why I have decided to use you as a cloth hanger. Hoping that you will not give me deceitful glances from under the pile of clothes.

I still remember the day when I brought you home, excited!! And that very moment I promised to remain honest with you for the rest of my life. But, I’m unable to handle it anymore. The recent love I have developed for the couch knows no boundaries. While you keep me on the run always, my-new-found love is so comforting and supportive. It doesn’t judge me for watching T.V. or surfing internet whole day. It is not at all tiring when I am with couch. I hope I don’t make you resentful by saying this, but Couch understands me in a way you never could. 😐

I know I promised to hook up again after the birthday month and then the exam month, I sincerely feel bad for leaving you hanging for so long. It’s not that I have not tried to make our long distance relationship work, I tried. I tried hard to get up early and go on a revitalizing walk with you, but even after wasting about half an hour, I couldn’t find my sneakers. Trust me, I am not lying. I guess the reunion is not destined.

The situation has worsened to such an extent that I can’t even ask for a second chance from you, actually, a fifth or sixth chance. I know my apology would have no meaning now. Simply because you are an electronic piece of shit..haha.. Yes you are!! 😛

Ouch! I’m sure it hurt you. Aww.. don’t you worry. Believe in the phrase that things get better with time. So, I have finally decided to sell you off. Certainly you’ll find someone who will respect you, care for you, dust you-wipe you each day and not make you a cloth hanger. You will find someone who will be set to rock ’n’ roll after stepping on you.

Bidding You Goodbye!!
*Teary-eyed Me* (LOL Kidding)

Super-Happy Me (It’s Cookie Time) 😀


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