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The sex workers at GB Road have an entirely different side of the story, the inside story…unheard, unseen, unreal…but true.

According to a survey by Delhi Commission for Women, 41 percent women turn into sex workers because of poverty. They too have children who go to MCD schools and old parents who await money orders back home.

Most of the sex workers there are from Andhra Pradesh, according to the survey.

They too have problems at the ration shops, problems with cops. The kerosene sold to them in the ration shop is diluted and so are forced to buy it in black from Kamla Market. The sweepers demand a monthly bribe of Rs 500 from them or else they dump rubbish on their stairs. Plumbers ask for Rs 2,500. These women can’t even complain to the authorities. Prostitution being illegal, harassment is a constant threat.

For them fun is when they booze, catch new releases at Golcha, and hang out in Central Park.

Many say it is Asia’s largest hardware market. These sex workers are not sure if it’s true. They say it could be true as stores are forever stocked with pumps and paints, tiles and toilet seats. But what’s there for these women in distress and their children? No parks, no playgrounds, not even a beauty saloon. It is the pethi walla, they say who brings nakhun-polish and lipsticks around midnight.

Business is not always good for them.  Most of the women earn less than Rs 5,000 each month, out of which, a majority is spent on make up and some of the remaining moolah is sent by them to their families.
Their golden period is till they are young. The situation worsens when these women start getting older. That would apparently imply lesser income and tougher life.
They get only that much happiness, the amount these sex workers manage to snatch from the hands of destiny.

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