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Sitting in the Air Conditioned room, travelling in the Air Conditioned vehicles, working in the fully mechanized environment; totally reluctant to accept the fact that there’s a different side of the society also, the society in which we live is not just the bed of roses. It has a darker side too. A side that is not much talked about.

Life does exist in that part of society even. A tough life or tougher may be. A life that doesn’t support luxuries. A life that is full of suffering. A life that exist in Brothels.

Delhi, a place where everyone is busy trying to find ways to fill their pockets, be it road side vendors, office goers or government. Survival to the fittest is the key. So much engrossed in the process of earning that they have become completely unaffected to the happenings around.

Delhi’s Red Light Area, largest slut market at G.B. Road, officially Swami Shradhanand Marg, is one such darker reality prevailing in our very own society.

Women working in Brothels, even they have grown accustomed to the suffering to an extent that they no longer feel like an outsider. They have accepted their fate, trying to earn few bucks to support themselves, swallowing the reality that there’s no way out of this life, a life they are forced to live.

They do work like us, to cope up with the need of times. Apparently, they don’t have another option but to put up with the suffering. The life in those dark, dingy rooms where women could be seen preparing lunch, chewing on paan, smoking bidis, and cracking jokes with their customers; is an obscure, invisible truth.

Living in a trap where flesh is sold and resold, through organized human trafficking, where these girls are brought after promising a well paying job. They do not earn as high as a call centre employee who also work till late nights like them. They have no fixed day of getting salaries, no bosses; but a life of misery.

Despite the seeming fun, there exist vibes of tragedy, as if they are trapped in a room with no way to escape, no windows to breathe in the freshness and no hope of getting out of this haunted palace of thorns.

Living a live of distress, these women and girls have caved in with their unfortunate fate.

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