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Gone But Not Forgotten

Time gone: there is no honest way to explain how wonderful it was because the people who really know the meaning of happiness and where came from, are the ones who have lived that time.

When we used to finish our home work just to play “Chuppan-Chupai”, “Oonch-Neech”. When “Dekh Bhai Dekh” and “Hum Paanch” were real entertainment shows.
When friends meant Best Friends Forever. When friendship was not about benefits.

When Perk was more famous than Preity Zinta.
When Tazzos and trump cards were the instruments of exchange.
When we boasted because we owned Walkmans and FM Radios.
When Appu Ghar and Essel World were the Sunday=Funday spots.

When families were important than friends. When Sundays ended up with a picnic at India Gate with family. When source of laughter and joy was family.

When there was no facebook and orkut, still people remained in touch.
When there was no twitter and still people were updated.

When messy clothes after spending hours in the playground was the only dirty thing.
When the only delight was to have “Orange Goli” and “kismibar”.

When watching late night movies on DD-1 was a complete No-No thing.
When decisions regarding anything were made by a simple “akkad bakkad bambey bow”. When we just imagined why was there a need of TOSS in a cricket match..they could also have done it the “akkad bakkad” way.

When the best way to escape was to say “jo kehta hai, vohi hota hai”, the best defensive lingo was “same to you” & “back to you”.

When it was fun unlimited.
When those days flew by, just couldn’t realize.
Do we still have that happy kid inside..who could smile no matter what? Or we are burdened to death under pressures to survive that we have practically forgotten how to live?
We have forgotten that life is not just about shades of black and white, it’s a rainbow with different colors of emotions.

All of it is gone, but the memories, rich memories remain.
It’s all Gone but will never be Forgotten..!!

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