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MUSIC- The Soul Of Life!!

Music, the liveliest thing on this planet, it helps you move to an altogether different world, helps you forget all your worries.

Our bollywood movies are incomplete without the songs. We have song suiting every situation present, every emotion seen till date. Also, background music in movies creates the impact of the emotion and feelings one is going through.

God knows, how the actresses in earlier time managed to look Fresh as Daisy, even after singing & dancing on songs, slower than an old uncle walking, in that horrifying heat.

People in older times too loved music. Of course, I wasn’t born that time. I could make this out by watching the movies; where the best thing people could do was carrying a transistor on their shoulder with them, while travelling in a rickety bus and enjoying the ride with music. One could actually feel that they danced to the music while it was just the bus, running like a fat lady.

But today technology has changed everything. Technology has given music buffs a new-improved life. Smaller phones with mp3 players; smallest iPods; stereos in cars when you are on the go; headsets plugged in your ears-of course, it helps you pass your travel time.

Thanks to those who invented such smaller yet nice music players, and so we no more have to carry those Bazooka look-alike transistors.

Free music downloads from internet, gave access to the oldest and the newest music available. Even the mobile network providers have done the best they could, for the music lovers by providing the facility to set up the caller tones. There are lots of websites allowing us free downloads, like YouTube, where all possible song videos are available.

Music is something that fills colors to life, which is not just about the shades of black & white. How much I wished, life too had background music, especially, the danger tune like movies; so that at least I could have known that when the results are going to be out.

Every one of us has been listening to music ever since we are born; some in their mother’s beautiful, warm voice at the sleep time; some in the re-mixed versions; and some listening to the most attractive form of music, i.e., Classical Music. Music has been a part of everybody’s life knowingly or unknowingly.

In the temple’s bell, in the mantras being chanted, in the Koel’s voice; it’s just divine. All you got to have is an ear for it. Even silence has a music of its own, the creepy yet peaceful music.

Music is present in the every moment in this universe. Music in a baby’s laughter, in a baby’s cry is Pure Music. All you need to do is feel the beauty of music.

The best companion when you are alone, when you are sad, when you are happy, when you are confused and when you are just YOU- its Music, one has to Live it to Love it.

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