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I Want Those Days Back…

Many of us sit up looking back in time and silently saying to ourselves,” I want those days back. They were just too perfect.”

At times we feel, how great it would have been, if those days lasted forever. How nice it would have been if we could live those days, each day.

But alas! Good times have short life span.

Memories, they act as Mind-Fresheners!! Like real memories, the ones you cherish all the time, give reason to your existence.

As a kid, I always wondered- why do people overt excite when they meet after a long time. And now, I can almost feel the reason. Every strand of hair too feels happy.

It is never the hugs and hellos that we share in the first place, when we meet after ages. It’s always the silence and smile that says the unsaid. The series of endless chats and the flashback of memories begin, never to end.

Love those Days, Love those People…Make Memories, because in the End, They Make YOU.

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