Random Rings


While you are on hold; till the Executives join you in your Just-For-Fun chat sessions, you can read it.

Most of us have at least once, interacted with the Customer Care Executives.  They push us off the edge when it comes to making us angry. Keeping us on hold for a minimum of seven to ten minutes. May be they feel we have all the time in the world and have called them just to chit-chat with our evening tea.

So what, if you are in the middle of a mess and need urgent help from their end, they are busier than you.

But the recording played while you are on hold keeps saying, “Thanks for being on Hold. You are our valued customer. Your call is important for us”. At times, one feels like shouting, “lassie, I don’t want any Thanks. If ‘m so much valued by you, why don’t you connect me to the executive”.

The recording keeps playing in the background—“you are our valued customer, we love you, but will not connect your call-no, no, no”.

And…finally it’s your turn to talk to the executive. Yes, they connected your call.

Most of the times, those pricey-acting-people are not even able to solve your query. You feel so helpless at those moments; that if that executive-who-kept-you-on-hold-for-so-long, still unable to solve your problem; were in front of you…you would have thrown a chair in his face. But that’s not possible. May be, that is the reason, the companies want them to tele-talk; else most of them have been punched in the face.

Many times, in between the call, they put you on hold. It is so frustrating. But like I said, nothing can be done. When you realize, that you have been speaking & speaking & speaking, and the not-so-interested-in-you executive has put his receiver down way back, not listening to you; you have already wasted 20 minutes of your precious life.

But since, “we are their valued customer; they love us and can die for us”. We still call them and enjoy the lady’s recorded voice while being on hold, forgetting that we had to talk to them like 911.

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