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Exams, a word which scares every student.  And this being an “Exam Season”, is the most appropriate time to write this and bring back old memories of those, who are no more in this fearful situation.

I have never understood, that when, we all honestly go to our temples of learning, that are, schools and colleges; and even study there. Then, from where does the point of exams come?? The after effects of exams can be seen when the results are out. Most of the students are traumatized after seeing their marks. Believe me; students torture themselves too much like no facebooking, no T.V., no mobile phones, no songs. And if I do so many tortures on myself, I will simply choke and die…

How can I forget the mums of these students, deeply affected by the ‘K’ serials. They not even once think that their innocent, sweet, little, exam victim child had studied whole night. And if, by chance, their child sleeps till late in the morning or may be sleeps while studying, a sudden Ekta Kapoor’s serial’s dialogues flashes in her mind and words pop out of her mouth “Apshagun..Apshagun” (with expressions)

For increasing your General Knowledge, I am taking this tough task on my shoulders to tell you about the categories of students. Everywhere in this world, wherever the student race is present, there are three categories of students.

First, those students who have studied everything know every bit of their syllabus and are very confident of them.

Second, those students who have not studied anything don’t know any word from their syllabus and are very confident of them.

Third, those students have studied everything, but do not know rather do not remember a word from what they studied and are not at all confident of themselves.

The second category students depend a lot on cheating. Every time the exams approach, they invent a new method of cheating, as in; a new method becomes a part of their list titled “Methods of Cheating”.

The tragedy strikes these category students, when they are trying to cheat, turning behind looking in the answer sheet of the first category student, and that student sings “Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh, Mud Mud Ke”…

And one day after exams, students happily roaming in the corridors, chatting and having a fun time. Suddenly their smiling faces turns to gloomy ones. Their RESULTS are out. They are sad but Katrina Kaif keeps on singing, “Tu Muskura, Jahan Bhi Hai Tu Muskura”…

In any case, we follow this honestly. No matter what our marks are 09 or 90, we say, “Where’s The Party Tonight”…

Too much fancy, I must say. I have a song suiting every situation, isn’t it?

Well, exams brings with it, Happiness for some, Sadness for many but Side Effect for Every student. See, this outcome is also a side effect of exams…  🙂

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